How much is it to upgrade my switchboard?
If we see a picture of the switchboard then we can give you an accurate quote. The number of circuits and what will be required.
How much do you charge for powerpoints?
For indoor powerpoints it depends on type of house (single storey vs double storey) but pricing starts from $120.

Weatherproof powerpoints pricing start from $140.

How much do you charge for LED downlights?
We charge $50 supplied and installed per downlight.
Do you do TV wall mounting?
Yes, the pricing varies based on the size of the TV. We have mounted TV’s from 32”-85”.
Do you supply and install floodlights/security lights?
Yes, we supply and install LED floodlights. They are quality products and energy efficient.
Can I get additional data points in a room?
Yes, we can install additional data points in any room you require.