Solar Battery Installation

Suri & Suri Electrical can tailor a solar battery installation to suit your property and budget.

If you have solar panels installed on your property, any excess energy is exported to the grid. Whenever there are shortfalls, like overnight or on cloudy days, energy is imported from the grid.

A solar battery system can help alleviate any shortfalls by using the excess energy to charge the batteries.

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Why Choose Suri & Suri Electrical?

Solar battery system installation Melbourne

Here’s a number of reasons you can rely on Suri & Suri Electrical for your solar battery installation;

  • We use leading brands
  • Helpful customer service
  • Hassle free installation process
  • Excellent after sales service and support
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Fully trained staff

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Solar Panel Battery Specialist

How Does A Solar Battery System Work?

A solar battery system allows you to store power generated from your solar panels in a battery instead of putting it in the power grid. Any excess energy generated by your solar panel system can be used to charge the batteries.

The solar panels on your roof convert sunlight into DC electricity to charge the batteries. A solar regulator is used to feed the electricity into the batteries properly. This ensures the batteries are not damaged in the charging process. 

Whenever the energy usage in the property is above the normal usage of the energy produced by the solar panels, the battery energy can power the household appliances before the need to import from the grid.

Once the battery energy is used the household energy requirements are supplied by the grid until the solar generation can take over.

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Some energy companies put out reports estimating savings of up to 60% or more per household. This obviously depends on the size of the system and the daily energy usage.

Solar panels are just the beginning of a renewable energy solution. A solar battery system can be added to an existing solar system or included with a new solar system installation. Having the home battery installation will help maximise the your energy savings.


Why Install Solar Batteries?

Benefits Of Solar Battery Installation

Here’s some of the benefits of having a solar battery installation;

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Protection from power outages
  • Greater energy independence
  • Reduction in your homes carbon footprint

Solar batteries are great for homeowners that live in areas where there are frequent power outages. In addition to minimising your power bill, you can store your solar generated electricity for use later in the day when the sun isn’t shining.

It is easier and more cost effective to install batteries and solar panels at the same time.

Once you have a solar battery system installed you will have less reliance on the electricity grid.

Are Solar Batteries Worth The Investment?

If you’ve been considering adding a solar battery system to a new or existing solar panel system, you’re not alone. Many Melbourne households are interested in using solar batteries to reduce their dependence on energy companies.

Are solar batteries worth the investment in Melbourne? Unfortunately the answer is not black or white. It really depends on your individual circumstances. Here’s some reasons where it makes the investment worthwhile;

  • Your energy company charges a lot more than they buy the excess energy (feed-in tariff)
  • If there are local incentives and rebaties on offer
  • If there is extended warranties on batteries
  • If you want to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint